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Soul Ties and "Entanglements"

Sis have you ever heard of a soul tie? Settle in and let me break it down. It's a deep form of an emotional connection you might have with a person after sexual intercourse and girl it's real. A soul tie can allow a person to influence or manipulate you, even if they don't know they are doing so. Over the week we have dived deep in "entanglements" and red table talks. UMMM Hmmm Jada, Will and that dam August had us all on on the edge of our seats.

I'm not hear to dissect their marriage because let's just be clear ALL relationships go through ups and downs and what you see online are still photos and tiny clips of peoples lives. Just because that couple looks happy ...aht ahhhtt that might not be the case. But hey, that's another story for another time. The topic of discussion today is August and Jada. This my good sis is what our momma warned us about. Be careful who you lay with. You may wake up with something you might can't get rid of and in this case it was emotional ties to an emotional person. The emotional person being August.

Clearly Jada and August formed a spiritual connection and the intimacy soon followed. The two formed a friendship in the mist of August battle with liver disease, the lost of his sister, taking custody of her kids and the pressure of the music industry This man was clearly broken. But Jada, being the healer that she claims to be swept in and nurtured him back to his self. And how did August repay her back? He repaid her back with back shot mania what we would call young and fun love. One hand washes the other and both hands washes the face right?? Jada admitted of being done with Will and at the time was in a dark place which created a recipe for entanglement and soul ties.

There are three signs of symptoms that can be connected to Soul Ties that Im sure August experienced after his fling with Jada.

  • Obsessing about a person in your thoughts

  • Dreaming about a person or waking up thinking about them regularly

  • Imagining or hearing a person’s voice in your head

His symptoms reached a level where it was literally word vomit. To the extent where he couldn't help but speak about their relationship during that interview. Jada captured his soul during their relationship and he hasn't let it go. Him finally speaking up and releasing that secret may have been the best thing he could have done for the both of them. The soul tie needed to be broken so the both of them could move on with their lives. They both acknowledged it was there. Jada, bringing herself to the table was commendable. Deep down she knew she manipulated August, especially at the most vulnerable time of his life. Closure, forgiveness and accountability are the three things needed when separating yourself from entanglements.

This whole scenario was a huge gem placed in our laps. In life nothing is ever straight forward or crystal clear. Especially in relationships. We need to be mindful who we share ourselves with. Understand that sexual intercourse is the door to the soul. And when vulnerability plays a part in it you're responsible for the other parties feelings. It gets messy sis.

Have you ever been a participant in entanglements and soul ties?

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