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Identfying your cirle of Intimates

We as women all have a set of friends for a set of reasons, and if you don't you may need to rethink how you categorize your friendships. Over the years I've learned plenty of lessons when it came to building friendships and bonding with the same sex. It can be tricky and quite frankly, draining. A clear compass on navigating your everyday relationships is ideal. So sis, don't even trip I'm here to help you maneuver through these friendship streets, I'll also help you with identifying your circle of intimates.

A intimate circle is a boiling pot of strength, energy, time and emotions. All of these attributes are needed and yearned for in adult life. Friendships are one of life's greatest treasures. They help us get through life's many obstacles. Like our nagging life demands, heartbreaks from our fuck boy ex's, and those dark places we sometime need help exiting. Like seriously .... intimates are a must!

So now that I've briefly explained what an intimate is let's dissect the associates circle. The associate is the girlfriend comes with those mealiness conversations. You know the girl that Dm's you for the tea or most likely the one that's spilling all the tea. She's also the girl that's always down for a party or drink. You can always shoot her the "I'm outttsssiddeee" text and sis is there with bells and whistles. This is not a INTIMATE. Sis, don't you dare spill your inner thoughts or feeling with her. She doesn't care and you are just adding to her tea kettle of gossip to share in the next associate's DM. Her attention span isn't capable of going further than you can throw her. You are a seat filler in her life. You'll fill the seat at the next brunch, day party or last minute lunch date. It's an empty shell of a friendship.

Oh and never mix the intimates with the associates, unless you're looking to have a cat fight. Your intimates can spot an associate from a mile away. And they'll usually tell you "it's just something about her, Ion like her vibe" Of course she isn't going to jell with her vibe. Because you and your intimate vibrate on a different level. The typical associate's frequency will be lower. It's the bare minimum of what a friendship should be. Below are few tips on identifying intimates vs associates.

  1. An intimate is the friend that suggest counseling when her help isn't working VS. The associate that suggest a night out on the town to take your mind off of the dreadful thoughts taking space in your already cluttered brain.

  2. You feel comfortable sharing your darkest secrets with a intimate VS. debating to even sharing the new guy's name that you're dating.

  3. You can give your intimate the whole truth when asked for your opinion without holding back VS telling your associate the truth without them getting offended.

  4. There's never an awkward moment with your intimate VS an associate you may find yourself filling in silent pockets when having conversations.

At the end of it all be very mindful of who you share your most vulnerable moments with in life. And stop telling yourself that you don't need any friends, because we all do. As adults friendships are just as important as relationships. Being intimate in ways when those you love leads to a healthier and more sustaining life. So sis cherish them and nurture your intimates. Water what you want to grow.

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