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My Impromptu Bridal Proposal Dinner

Are you wondering how to propose to your bridesmaids? Popping the big question is almost as exciting as getting engaged. I'll be honest all of my bridesmaid knew they were going to be apart of our special day, but they had no clue on when and where I would pop the question. I figured the element of surprise is what makes the experience more special and a lot more memorable. So if you are planning on popping that question to your girls in the near future below is a list of things I did to make the day memorable and heart felt.


Let's be clear what girl is going to pass up free food, drinks, and a Kee Kee with their homegirls? A quick text to the group chat inviting them over for food and spiked sangaria went unhinged. Because 2 out of 6 of the bridesmaids lives out of town I went as far as including a zoom link so they could join in on the fun as well. We all agreed on a date that everyone was available and it was all set in stone! IT'S A DATE!

Now if I must say so myself I am quite the host, but what I won't do is cook and host at the same damn time. NOPE! Dat's too much. So I took it upon myself to have the food catered from our favorite restaurant that makes their fav pasta. I paired it with some wings, a crisp house salad and topped it with a dessert. Chillleeeee, I even went as far in making a pacific blue sangria. Don't worry I'll post the recipe below.


Look I am a woman of esthetics. Decor is so important at any event. It provides the perfect backdrop. I turned my backyard into a mini oasis. With balloons, flowers, lights, banners and bridal proposal boxes on hand.

Bridal Proposal Boxes

Treat your girls to a box full of goodies they can use before and during the wedding. I included a personalized champagne glass, personalized candle, a cute selfie of the both of us, and a cute charm bracelet. Don't forget a heart felt letter note telling them how much you love and appreciate each one of them.

I also included a cute and funny bridesmaid pledge and a quick run down on what has been planned and booked so far. It's a nice way to include them in on the logistics of the big day. Now look sis, I'm not saying you need to follow my blue print but you should show your girls just how important they are to you and your big day. We tend to expect so much from our bridesmaid the least we can do is cater to them for the proposal and make it one of the most memorable moments of their lives.

Personalized Candles by @e11evencandles

Personalized Champagne Glasses @ee_woods

Banana Pudding Cupcakes @jeascatering_n_cakes

All balloons and boxes were purchased from

Pacific Blue Sangria Recipe

Let me know if my DIY bridal proposal dinner got your creative juices flowing. Leave a comment below.

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