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She's Phony He's Fake 5 Ways to spot a persons bad intentions.

I've been blessed with the ability to vet out bad energy especially when its attached to people. No seriously, I've been blessed with a gift and a curse. In the beginning stages of my adult social experiences, I would give people the benefit of the doubt. Giving people a true chance is what's fair. We grow up to never judge a book by its cover and that everyone deserves a fair chance. But some times from what I've learned that concept will bite you in the ass more than once.

The gift and the curse, my gift is knowing in the beginning the person's true colors. The energy is off, their approach is far too aggressive or their intentions in time reveals that they are doing something for their own self pleasure. The curse is knowing these things to be true and reacting. See, when I react to their ill intentions and bad vibes I'm viewed as mean, anti-social, or just difficult to be around. I've never been the person that ignores the big elephant in the room or the uncomfortable vibes. I address it or at least.. my facial expressions will. My biggest pet peeve is watching the people I care about be taken advantage of. Knowing that a person is being taking advantage of or preyed upon sends chills through my entire body. It's extremely unethical, selfish and some might call it exploitation. In a world already so troubled, stressful and let's be honest chaotic. I'll give to you 5 ways to identify bad vibes, bad energy and bad intentions.

Body Language

When holding a conversation be sure to pay attention to one's eyes. If they avoid any eye contact it's a tale, tale sign of dishonesty. The eyes are the window to the soul and they'll always tell a persons true story. Also, fast talking is sometime signs of trickery. It's meant to deceive you or cause confusion.Sis, they are trying to persuade you to do something that in normal circumstances you wouldn't do.

One Sided Conversations

This is no surprise. People with bad intentions are programmed to dominate conversations. See ordinary people may fall short of listening skills but they'll at least participate in dialogue. Shady people are not to be confused as ordinary people. When this person recognizes their conversational tactics are failing, they will come with another way of achieving their twisted goal. They become interested in your life or what's going with you. But sis, make no mistake this behavior and game of 21 questions has an explanation, they're selfish and manipulative. The discussion is then spotlighted back on them .... ah haahh! didn't think of it that way right? This sis... is a manipulator. They're self focused.

Very Demanding

The ill intentioned will demand many things of you. Why? Because they are egotistical. Their ego convinces them that they are superior to you. In their mind they'll prevail over your lack of self control. Please don't allow it to happen. Always challenge their words, while adamantly refusing to participate in their games.

The Game of Persuasion

A manipulator knows exactly how and when to use their words. Persuasion and pressure is their recipe and they are good at cooking it up, especially if you lack the ability of good judgment. Plus, if you find it hard to use the word "no" you're most defiantly going to fall victim.

Feeling Bad After A Conversation With An Ill Intended Person

There are times when its necessary to question or trust our gut instincts. It's logical to do so, its how our brains function. I mean lets be real we will question things. When dealing with "fakes and phonies" or so called "nice" people it's definitely an appropriate response. Communication is a tool manipulators use. Especially when it comes to interrupting your normal though patterns. It's one of the reason so many fall victim to their BS and gimmicks.Trust your natural instincts regarding their character. Confusion, misunderstanding and frustration are among those negative thoughts you'll take with you after conversing with this type of person.But get this clear.... there are two facts that remains: their energy will not resonate with your own and the other person possesses manipulative notations.

In my 35 years these notations have not steered me wrong. I always pray for the best in all people. But the world we live in is filled with humans that don't always have our best interest at heart. There are people that plow over others feelings, beliefs, and interest. All for personal gain. Be aware, be mindful and smart.

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