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We Are Maintaining Physical and Spiritual Beauty All 2020

Updated: May 1, 2020

My alarm clock blares through my iPhone at 7am every morning. But I'm in no rush to get out of bed, I lay still and thank God and the Universe for allowing me to see another day. Many others didn't get the opportunity and while my eyes are still closed, my mind is deep in thought. I begin to recite affirmations to myself.

I have an abundance of energy, I am free of pain, today will be a great day.

Each affirmation is like a bolt of energy to my body. I'm recharging my spirit with every affirming word. Meditation and affirmations have became my ritual each morning. It's helped me in my darkest days when the world was against me or I against myself. See, you never know what someone is going through, it's easy to paint your face, apply your best faux mink lash, slick those edges down like a 2 year old toddler, then slide into a trendy outfit. The hard part is confronting your toxic traits, insecurities, and past trauma. This is why I've created Sage it with Beauty, to help women and girls like myself to feel good in and out. Beauty is not complete if the spirit is not whole. Ok, yes they are opposites. One focuses on introspection and the other on materialistic. But sis, when they are in balance with each other it creates and unstoppable force.

Purify our spaces, spirits and begin the healing. Gwen Lewis best describes beauty and spirituality as co-depends. One doesn't exist without the other. When getting dressed up we tend to feel beautiful. The same goes for the powerful, positive energy you would feel after meditation, or prayer. The vibe and energy that you obtain from these practices help manifest your well-being and confidence. To get started on our journey to purifying our inner and outer beauty, below are 5 ways to get our spiritual juices flowing.

1 Wake up a little earlier sis

Centering yourself in the morning can take a lot of time. Allow yourself sometime to establish a morning spiritual ritual by getting your rest early and waking up early. Practice waking up 2 minutes before the alarm interrupts that random dream.

2 Wake up with a prayer on the tip of your lips

Everyone should be giving thanks to something. Whether it's God, Buddha, Allah or the Universe. Girl give thanks. There's someone out there that wasn't so lucky. Every successful person you've heard of gives thanks to their higher power. There's a higher being that is responsible for many of your our life accomplishments. Including your health, job, family, home, friends and the list goes on. Start your day of with some gratitude.

3 Morning affirmations

HON-NAY! Affirmations are a key factor when using the laws of attraction and manifesting that dream life you so desperately want. You need to begin the morning with positive thinking. Start getting motivated and reshape your limited behalf's. Believe that you are who you want to be. Stop drowning in that persona you created and become the real you! That beautiful, fearless and take no shit woman. Speak ALL good things into existence sis.

4 Keep a journal

This has helped me tremendously. When life was beating me down and there was no one around to vent to, I picked up my pen and pad to release all neagtivity!! Shots fired on the paper. I just let loose and afterwards I it felt great. Let's be for real your friends and family are dealing with there own issues. It's the perfect tool to offer therapy from yourself by yourself. Spread those thoughts and feeling on the blank canvas, close the book and be done with it. As you progress in life, you can always look back on those entries and be proud how far you've come and how much you are progressing.

5 Smile more

YES SMILE!!!! Even when you may not have a reason to. A simple smile sends off good vibes to the brain. Smiling releases endorphins, natural painkillers, and serotonin. Together these natural chemicals make us feel good from head to toe. When you feel good, everything arounds seems great. That negative energy of a chain and ball gets lighter and eventually it breaks from you.

Practice at least one of the above rituals while incorporating it with your beauty regimens. Allow yourself to take control of your inner and outer beauty. Just as important your skin, hair and sexy physique, your spirit and soul is also.

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