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Side Effects Of Growth

When we hear "Side effects"we may think of something undesirable, but when you are beginning to grow in life those side effects can be for the better. Yes! for the BETTER sis. Imagine a plant that's growing at a rapid pace, it grows so much that the pot it's in can no longer contain it. So eventually you'll need to repot that plant so it can grow even bigger blossoming into something so beautiful.

Good side effects occur when you take charge of your life and start appreciating yourself. Recognizing that in order to heal and grow you need to be repotted. Out with the old and in with the new.

Side Effects Of Growth My Include

Loss of old self- The old you was toxic lets admit it sis. Peace, self love and calm have no place in a destructive space. When trying to better yourself it's important that you shed all negative traits within to begin your growth. Caterpillars become beautiful butterflies after shedding its cocoon.

Loss of Friends - When you begin to grow, it's normal that you outgrow some of your friendships. Some friends can't see past the old narrative of you. When they look at you they see the old habits, bad choices and inconsistent behavior. That won't ever work, your growth doesn't consist of the old you. It's time to let those friends go if they can't visualize the new and approved version of yourself.

Taking Risk - Now you have courage to face the fear of uncertainty. The things you thought you could never do or just to afraid to do guess what "You're doing it". The business that you wanted to start, you're looking into it and researching it, the trip you wanted to book but was afraid of the expenses, TUH! you're saving your coins. You are taking chances and risk.

Accountability- You are being honest with yourself. No longer are you playing the victim. Sis now you are realizing it was no one else fault but your own and you understand it and recognize it. You're committed to fixing whatever it is that needs adjusting.

Healing - You are accepting who are from the physical, physiological, and spiritual perspective. You begin to treat yourself kind and gentle just how you would what someone to treat you.

What are some other side effects you've experienced during your growth?

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