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Saturday Mornings Are Sacred

Ever since I started my journey to self healing I've adopted my very own Saturday routine. This is extremely important to me, because it helps jump start my day and weekend to a great start. I'm rewarding myself for getting through a stressful week, with working from home now I feel like I've brought a lot of unwanted energy into my space. From Zoom meeting, irate merchants, unreasonable deadlines and corporate politics it's a lot. So sis Saturday morning self care is an essential.

First thing's first, I show my gratitude. With what's going on in the world I'm so thankful that I still have the necessities needed to get through every day life. I have stable income, a home, car and food on the table and much more. I acknowledge there are families without and I'm one of the chosen ones that God has spared. "Thankful" sis is an understatement. By showing my gratitude I like to write it down in my journal. But before I write my 101 reasons why the almighty is great, I have to make my bed. To be honest this is another habit I've started. I look at it as the first accomplished task of the day. It really gives me a small sense of pride. I feel like a woman with her shit together. Like "hey look at me!, I'm making my bed and knocking down task the first thing in the morning".

Journaling is so therapeutic and one of the tools my therapist encouraged me to take advantage of. I'm so happy I started. Writing down my prayers, listing the things I'm thankful for, my feelings, intentions and so much more really perks my spirits up and helps me feel alive and heard. It's like I've released all that is bottled up and it leaves me refreshed. Over the years I've picked up an addiction to journals at an alarming rate, and I must say I wouldn't be opposed to "Journal Anonymous"

Once the must "to do's" are done and out of the way, my hygiene needs to be handled expeditiously. Teeth, shower and skin the basic but the essentials! Dry skin and stanky breath are the worse on a Saturday morning or any other morning sis. Bye Crusty! I even go the extra mile, and grab a sheet mask and bubbly brighten foam. I need the right glow for the day. While I'm prepping my skin I get my pot of coffee ready and choose the right motivational podcast of the day. I need to hear some affirmations and inspiration from women that sound like me and look like me. It's a clear reminder that sis, you aren't in this alone. You got this! My go to podcast is theblackgirlbravado its a must listen to, its a motivating and encouraging podcast for color woman alike. These girls feel like the homies for real.

Those are my basics to get my Saturday started. A routine can assist us in feeling more in control of the day and also aid to our mental health. Let's form healthy habits and reduce unneeded stress.

What does your Saturday morning look like sis?

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