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I mean I'm depressed, but not DEPRESSED DEPRESSED.

Is there different stages to depression? Like when is it okay to say "I'm depressed". For example is it warranted to be depressed because I was unable to purchase those shoes I've been eyeing for months? Or can I slip and fall into a deep depression because I was too late in line to cop those pair of Beyonce concert tickets and now they're sold out. Are these examples valid reasons to fall victim to depression?

Sis, I ate my words while mindlessly updating the facebook post below. Damn FB for asking me what's on my mind, knowing me being an Aries is accustomed to word vomit.

Via Facebook
Depressed and depression are two different things. My opinion, you can call yourself being depressed because Gucci didn’t have those mules in your size, you can be depressed because you weren’t able to attend that Beyoncé concert.
Now Depression is a whole different ball game. Depression is loosing multiple loved ones in 9 month radius or being hit with a tax lien while working at a dead end job making a little under 40k and the IRS is harassing HR to gournish your check or even not being able to get out of bed because anxiety is sitting on your back.
Please stop using the word depressed so loosely. There are people that are truly suffering from depression, anxiety, and mental issues. Knock it off. Be grateful for the things that you are blessed with. Others are going through it and have no clue how to get out of whatever it is that they are trapped in.

I had a point because in my opinion somethings aren't necessarily "Depression" worthy. Materialistic items or smalls hiccups in life doesn't send me on downward spirals. Things like death, large amounts of debt, and bouts of low self esteem gets me all the time. I find myself in bed without the strength to get up, because I'm scared what the day may hold. I've been there so many times. Loosing loved ones triggers my abandonment issues, debt is a reminder of not having NOTHING. It brings forth the anxiety I continuously battle with in life.These are situations that I classify as BIG.

After conversing with a facebook friend under the post she shed some light on the true meaning of depression.

Technically, someone missing a concert or not being able to purchase something, can cause someone to fall into depression. Depression isn’t just something that has to be big it can be the smallest thing that makes someone depressed. We all value and take things for granted. People still act like pennies isnt money, but to someone else they will go into a frenzy over that same penny. Being a Mental Health Professional, you’ll see that people go into deep depression for things we say get over it or it’s not that serious. But to their brain, it is.

See, when you allow yourself to view things from a different perspective you can more easily find mutual beneficial solutions or reasonings. We can better communicate and understand each other. The mental psyche is very complex. What I may think is small, may be big to someone else.

Not being able to purchase those shoes may have triggered something from the past. Maybe that person never had the opportunity to own a good pair in their youth. They may have come from very humble beginnings and vowed that they will never go without again. So at that moment they were brought back to place they hated, and it set off an emotional bomb that sent them directly into the room of depression.

I made it my business to apologize to my facebook family and friends. I apologized for being so insensitive. And acknowledging that the mental state of one is very dynamic. Understanding just because it's small to me it may be humongous to that individual.

I need for you to know you are not alone in the battle of depression. I suggestion that we all pray and be still. No battle is too big for God. Let him handle it. And please when things become too dark seek help! Find a therapist or neutral party. Someone that will listen to your concerns, thoughts, and fears. Be open to help! Because honestly the journey to self love and happiness is better when you have a support system by yourside side.

What are some of your triggers and how do you combat them?

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