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Five Easy Ways to Contribute to Black Lives Matter

Day after day and night after night America has been masked up and protesting against racial inequality and police violence, and to make it be known to the entire world that Black Lives still matter. We all know there is a pandemic going on, and going outside in mass crowds might not be on the top of your immune system to do list. But we don’t need to physically stand next to our brother and sisters to stand with them. Everyone can help build an equitable society by committing ourselves to better understand the historical context, black experience and listening to and raising the black voices. We have to recognize ways that actively practice antiracism. Just like the cop in Minnesota kept his knee on George Floyd’s neck, we must keep our knees on America’s neck as well. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

Here are five ways to show your support for Black Lives Matter even when you can’t participate at a demonstration.

Sis, let your representatives know that your knee is now on their necks. We must hold them accountable.

401 years of racism and oppression, including the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbrey and our sister Brionna Taylor all at the hands of white supremacist and the police. These flames have burned in this country since forever. But it's time to put a stop to them. Let’s slide in those emails of our top officials, right those 4 page letter and make a couple of phone calls asking them to support criminal justice reforms, investing in the black community like schools, public health facilities and work towards equality. Here’s an online resource to help you find your representatives on a local, county, state, and federal level.

Raise Black Voices

Now’s the time to use your platform on social media. Prioritize those voices from our black leaders, artist, entrepreneurs, athletes, and others that you admire. Start indulging in some offline reading girl and give the shade room a break and go deeper. This black live matters reading list is a great start to understanding the systematic disadvantages we as the black people hold.

Support Black Businesses

Supporting black business strengthens the economy in the black community. Many of the things we spend our hard earned money is not black owned thus making the people who own those businesses richer everyday. Once we understand that it is a good thing to support one another, rather than feeling threatened or have mistrust, the black community becomes stronger, more powerful and united. Below are a list of small black owned businesses. Not to mention they are all girl bosses located here in New Jersey.

Color me Cute inside and out (Children's clothing)

This boutique offers affordable clothes and accessories for your bundle and of joy and won't break the bank. From silk Pj's to cute bathing suits for your princess its a one stop shop cuteness overload.

ChloeBSense (Brand Strategist)

Chloe B sense is a community for self-improvement, motivation, inspiration and education. They provide Brand building, Marketing Techniques and so much more. They are encouraging you to accomplish your goals and create the life you truly want and deserve, focusing on providing you the necessary tools, teaching you how to start and grow your Business. Get rid of those limiting beliefs, get in your bag and walk in your purpose.

Soul2Soul (Soul Food Cuisine)

If you're a foodie that appreciates great savory comfort food from the soul we recommend this black owned restaurant. Offering all the southern classics like turkey wings, fish, greens, Mac and cheese and everything else you'll find in your momma's kitchen. Be sure to stop by on a Sunday afternoon when you're craving a great tasty and hearty meal.

What female or male *Snaps* doesn't love a sassy heel or sporty kick? Build your shoe collection and shop this affordable online boutique. Fast shipping and exceptional customer service.

E11evencandles (Hand Poured Soy Wax Candles)

Hand poured soy wax candles made to uplift and unwind. These candles are packaged with love and pride. Each candle is made of non-toxic soy wax plus phthalate free fragrance oils. Natural wicks are used to give a cleaner, longer lasting burn and scent throw.

The Pajama Shop (Comfy, Cozy and Sexy Lounge Wear)

We are living in times where our loungewear is taking space in the front of closets across America. You can now give your boyfriend his favorite sweat shirt back and order you a cute, flirty and comfy onsie. And don't leave out the kiddies, because this boutique also offers mommy and me matching sets.

ShamaraJaygrafx (Logo Design)

Want to start your own black owned business and need a logo designer? Be sure to check this queen out and bring your idea to life. She offers logos, flyers, business cards and much more. Including great customer service and patience to say the least be sure to check her out.


Here's a link to places you can donate to fight against violence, systematic racism and oppression. Help improve Black Lives around the country. Yes, times are hard but every little bit counts.

Stay in the know

If you aren’t able to join this weeks protest, don’t let that bother you. Build your network and resources, commit to spending the time, and keep pushing forward.

Now is the time to get involved. This is the making of history, play your part and have a story to tell to your grandkids.

What are you doing to support the movement?

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